We know that outsourcing your work is a big issue for you and may doubts arise about its efficacy and suitability for your firm. It might seem to be an idea for bigger firms. There might be doubts about staff non co operation and resistance. What about your professional indemnity? Can there be resistance from your clients?

Then there can be fear of data protection, finding the right fit of an outsourcing partner, the language barrier, dealing with people thousands of miles away.

But you do feel that firms in your area have an advantage if they are outsourcing and you need to touch the base somewhere.

What are the options?
As you delay having a look at the options, you also know it is not the answer but you also need your issues to be addressed. We understand this completely and aim to work together with you as yours practice extended arm and work as your “outsourcing partner”.

First to allay your fears about the outsourcing process, we would like to address those as under:

Staff non co operation- As you go ahead with outsourcing you will realize that it increases your profits and enables you to offer wide range of services with the staff level you have at present. In fact with increased profits you shall be able to increase salaries of your staff and increase job security as more work shall be coming in from existing and new clients.

Your professional indemnity- It will not affect as we sign a fit and proper form as required by ICAEW.

Client’s resistance– You never assure your client that their work shall be handled exclusively by such and such member of your staff. In fact your client’s trust you and they are mainly interested in timely delivery of quality work. You normally have sub-contracting clause in your engagement letters and can cover outsourcing with it.

Data Protection- We have a robust security policy to address all these issues.

Some reasons to consider us:

  • We offer our services for any number of man hours as desired by you and you can build up your work with us as you feel convenient with our services over a period of time. Some of our clients are small practices who avail of services for as less as 20-25 hours in a month & we are happy to serve them.
  • As you start working with us, you will be able to achieve growth in revenues without need for capital and human resources outlay.
  • Years of outsourcing experience & professional management.
  • Documentation of all processes for best practice.
  • Highly trained staff with excellent communication skills.
  • Committed to data security.
  • Review of work done by senior chartered accountants to ensure work quality is delivered.
  • Apart from above our company policy gives utmost importance to time punctuality and completion of work under dead-lines.

Amidst all this, we would like to mention a few roadblocks and pitfalls involved.

  • Outsourcing only works if you are committed to it. You will have to give it your time initially to understand & streamline the process. It will not work if you simply ask one of your juniors to look into it. We assess it shall take you at least a 4-5 jobs to streamline the system.
  • We need to have clear instructions from you to complete the work. You have to look us as one of your own staff. You cannot imagine getting work done from one of yours without clear instructions and guidelines. Initially it will be important to allocate some of your hours to us.
  • We own some of the licenses to softwares being used in UK but do not have a blanket access to all of them. In an event where we don’t have the software being used by your firm, we would require a copy of the same with a strict undertaking that the same shall be used for your work only. This does not violate any licensing rules.
  • We request you to allocate one of your staff to reply to our queries and forward us missing information. You will need to ensure an early response which is required in order that your work is done quickly, with quality & accuracy and to your utmost satisfaction.