The turnaround time of any particular job depends on the nature of job & man hours required to complete the job. We normally start working on any job on the next working day on receipt of the job. The start of the work may sometimes be delayed for 1-2 working days if we don’t receive the work on regular basis. In case you assure us a minimum work load of 120 hours in a month we shall appoint a single person dedicated to you work. This ensures that there is no delay in start of your work. If the work outsourced to us is of more than 240 hours, then we will appoint two persons dedicated to your work & so on. In case work provided by you is not on regular basis then we shall allocate the job to one of our staff most suitable to your work & it might take 1-2 days to start the work if he/she is working on other job, but in no case the start of the work will be delayed for more than 2 working days. The turnaround time also depends up on other factors i.e. availability of full information, reply to the query list, no. of documents involved, complexity of the job, control accounts required, reconciliation of various control accounts etc. However, in case of any urgent job, the same shall be taken up on same day and completed using extra resources.

Normal turnaround time for various kinds of jobs is given below:

  1. VAT Returns: 1-3 Working days.
  2. Bookkeeping: 3-5 Working days.
  3. Final Accounts Production: 5-7 Working days.
  4. Payroll: Ongoing process. It takes 1-2 Working days on receipt of the payroll details.
  5. Business/Personal Tax: 1-2 Working days.
  6. Others (Reconciliation etc.): 2-3 Working days depending upon nature of work.