We employ the following processes for accounts outsourcing services and data transmission:

OFFLINE BASED: In this process documents are scanned first and scanned files are uploaded on our secured server through the web job portal. The access to our portal is regulated by password. Sapphire’s processing centre downloads these documents and processes the information as required. Once the work is finalised, the files are uploaded on the server and a confirmation email is sent about the same. The Accounting firm then downloads the files from the server.

The interface of job portal is very user friendly and allows firms following facilities:

  • Upload/Download of work files.
  • Monitor work process status anytime any day.
  • Notification to Clients/Sapphire on upload/download of files.

REMOTE ACCESS BASED: In this process again the documents are scanned and sent to Sapphire by way of upload on our secured server through our web portal. Sapphire later downloads the documents from the server. In the next stage Sapphire connects to the firm’s computer via remote desktop access or VPN and works on the information received on the firm’s computers using the software of the firm and processes the documents. Once the job is done, we log out of the remote desktop and intimate about completion of job to the firm.

CLOUD COMPUTING: In this process the firm should have the setup of working on cloud, where all the documents and software of the firm reside on the cloud. Sapphire is allocated number of desktops on the cloud based on the quantum of work being outsourced. The employees at Sapphire access the cloud and documents the same way as the staff of the firm and work is processed based on the information given. In this case additional IT capabilities such as dedicated leased lines and dual screen monitors are required to work effectively. In this process documents reside on the servers of the accounting firms and copying and printing of the same is not done. This is the most secured way of all.

ONLINE ACCOUNTING: Sapphire is given access to online accounting packages being subscribed by the company such as SAGE, KASHFLOW etc. and we use the access to do work on behalf of the firm. In this case also, documents are sent to Sapphire by scanning and uploading.