We have very well defined security policies supported by various documents to ensure the security & confidentiality of client data. Therefore, we have developed a security policy which encompasses both physical and logical security as below:


  • High level of Physical security at the premises with the access control system for access to work area.
  • Restricted access to individual desktop by each user.
  • Mobile phone usage policy restricts its usage outside the work area.
  • Employee ID cards, which activate and monitor access to work areas.
  • CCTV surveillance of premises on a 24x7 basis


  • Before recruitment of an employee proper reference check is done and documents & photocopy of ID proof is taken at the time of joining.
  • Non-disclosure and service agreement is signed with employees at the time of employment.


  • Firewall controlled Network for computer network & data security.
  • Antivirus protection against malwares and spywares.
  • Restricted access to Servers and shared resources. This ensures that only authorised persons are allowed to access the relevant data.
  • Each individual user’s system data includes only the information relevant to his/her working.
  • Data backup taken on daily basis to prevent from data loss.
  • Copy medias like CD/DVD ROM and Pen Drives are disabled, due to privacy of the company data.